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About Becca                                                                    

I am most happy when I’m exploring and taking pictures. For this reason, I gravitate towards travel and lifestyle photography. So, let's get outside and take pictures in some cool spots! Currently living in Japan, I teach English to junior high school students and I am an editor for CONNECT Magazine. However, my journey in Japan is coming to an end and I will be returning to Northern California later this summer.

Also, to answer the question "why beckybeckbecca?" The handle is the evolution of my nicknames throughout my life. When I was first born, my grandmother and grandfather started calling me Becky. They were, however, the only ones that used this nickname. Once I got a bit older, my family and very close friends began calling me Beck. It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I started introducing myself as Becca! Today these names together represent my photography journey. Just like my name changes over time, so does my photography style!

To me, pictures are the most important visual representation of our memories that we have. They capture both the beauty and struggle that comes along with life. They are timeless and can communicate beyond borders, languages and cultures. My hope is to photograph your special moment so that you can reminisce for years to come. My style is natural and warm. I like to use a mixture of natural light and flash to make the setting more balanced. Please contact me for all inquiries about your upcoming project.

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Self portrait in front of Mt. Kirishima in Kyushu, Japan
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