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About Becca                                                                    

A NorCal girl at heart, I was raised in Sacramento, California. I spent my formative years on the central coast in Santa Cruz, California, where I earned both my Bachelor’s Degree (Politics) and Master’s Degree (Education).


I am most happy when I’m exploring and taking pictures. For this reason, I gravitate towards travel and lifestyle photography. My hope is to work my way through my travels so that I can see the world and experience many cultures, languages, and of course foods! Currently living in Japan, I teach English to junior high school students and I am an editor for CONNECT Magazine.

My current ongoing project is titled "In the Inaka". “In the Inaka” is a project that is very near to my heart because it showcases my lived experience. Inaka in Japanese means “countryside” or “rural”. This series includes environmental portraits that capture the nature and architecture that Miyazaki prefecture has to offer. These portraits tell the stories of foreigners living in Miyazaki. It includes why they chose to live in Japan, what it’s like being an outsider in a homogenous society, and the rewards of life in the countryside.

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Self portrait in front of Mt. Kirishima in Kyushu, Japan
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