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Jenn-ay - Day 16

I left Raleigh early the next morning which allowed me to make it to Savannah in the early afternoon. During my trip in the South, I was most excited to visit Savannah. I had little knowledge about Savannah, but was aware that it was a spiritual place and it seemed like the most cinematic part of the state. Savannah definitely lived up to my expectations and I did have a fun day!

I had learned my lesson about boat tours from my mediocre experience in Boston and instead took a bus tour around the city. The busses ran about every ten to fifteen minutes which included about 13 or 14 stops throughout the two hour tour for riders to hop on and off as they please. Because it was hot (like everywhere else in the South) I decided to stay on the bus for the full tour. The tour allowed me to see a big chunk of the city that I wouldn't have been able to if I was on foot. I also learned a lot of history, including that most of the city was built on Native American burial grounds. The Yamacraws lived there until European colonizers took over. The story of white colonizers building on burial grounds is not uncommon in the U.S. In fact, many parts of Santa Cruz was built on burial grounds including the Beach Flats, where I lived for a few years. This type of invasion causes trauma that can last for centuries. So, it makes sense that there are several different ghost tour options in Savannah.

Even though the bus tour was very informative, it was not a good location to take pictures. I did see a lot of cool things including the square where Forrest Gump famously sits on a bench and waits for a bus. The movie crew donated the bench to the city, but someone defaced it. Then, they donated a replica of the bench and it was defaced again. So the bench is currently not there, but the square is! All of the architecture in Savannah was so beautiful. Savannah was the first area where I saw Spanish moss (which I learned is not Spanish or moss) and also the first place where I saw street lamps that used gas lighting.

After my bus tour, I checked into my hotel and got ready for the evening. Savannah had a lot of people and most of the restaurants you needed a reservation to get a seat. I ended up finding a restaurant where I was able to sit at the bar, it is called B&D Burgers. Somewhere along my trip, I decided that I wanted to try chicken sandwiches across the country, so of course I ordered the chicken sandwich with a side salad. Savannah had the best chicken sandwich that I ate on my trip. The sauce on the sandwich had a bit of a bite to it and the bun was also fabulous.

After dinner, I went on my ghost tour, which was a walking tour that allowed me to get some pictures before the sun went down. The tour itself was underwhelming. The group that I was with seemed bored and had no reactions to the tour guide. Also, since we were on foot we weren't able to go to many spots. I did make a friend during the tour! He had previously worked as a tour guide for the company and was able to answer my questions. Additionally, he was full of spirit and had a quick wit which really made the tour more enjoyable. And to answer your burning question, no, I did not see any ghosts.

After the tour, I stopped at one of the most haunted restaurants in the area called The Olde Pink House. It is a spot that we stopped at on the tour (but didn't go inside). I went to the bar downstairs. I was so fortunate that the host let me take a seat because there was over an hour wait to sit at the bar. The lighting was extremely dark, but the decor was very cool. It was similar to the aesthetic in The Redroom in Santa Cruz, but more upscale. There was a live jazz pianist who played and sang so well. I stayed longer than I had originally planned because I enjoyed his music so much. Before leaving, I made sure to give him a tip and we talked for a bit. I also started a conversation with the bartender about my interest in the building's history. The part of the building that I was in was part of the original building which was built in 1789. There are apparitions that supposedly take solid form in the bar. The bartender even mentioned that he didn't like going into the wine cellar alone. Again, I didn't see or experience anything spooky, but I was able to walk through the mansion and see all of the 16 rooms which included the beautiful chandelier at the front. If you ever take a trip to Savannah, I highly suggest you make a reservation at the Olde Pink House!

To end the evening, I went into the hotel pool for a bit. Even though I am not a fan of the humidity or heat, I really appreciated it being warm enough to go for a night swim.


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Sharan Devoto
Sharan Devoto
Jun 24, 2021

Love the Ole Pink House!

Jul 02, 2021
Replying to

I hope to spend more time in Savannah and would love to actually eat there too. The food looked great!

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